The Uncapital Route - KIA

Year: 2023
Country/ City: Granada, Spain,
Agency: VICE

Capital cities are always believed to be the epicenter of art and innovation, but recent years have seen creativity increasingly thrive away from them. And inspiration is everywhere. That’s why together with VICE, KIA set out on ‘The Uncapital Route’, an electrifying adventure exploring six underrated creative hubs beyond the European capitals. 
 First stop: Granada. The host Andrea Ruiz meets local contemporary dancer Sarah Cabello and together, they explore the city’s rich dance culture in the new EV9 car.

  • Exec Producer / HOP: Katja Siegel
  • Senior Producer: Christian Hoffmann
  • Director: Lily Raeder
  • Local Researcher & Producer: Mar Font
  • Talent & Contemporary Dancers: Sarah & Paola Cabello Schoenmakers
  • Bailaora / Flamenco Dancer: Noelia Valdepeñas
  • Host : Andrea Ruiz
  • DP: Andre Grabinski
  • 1AC: Tino Richter
  • Prod Coordinator: Valentin Waibel
  • PA: Leon Wittler
  • Project Manager: Vera Jordan
  • Project Manager: Mischa van Lomm
  • Client Partner: Niklas Wölker
  • Strategy Director: Barbara Dabrowska
  • Sound Operator: Noel
  • Runner : Giles Hunt
  • Car Specialist: Atila (KIA)
  • Car specialist: Ariel Avià (We are Fast)
  • Editing, Grading, Sound mix: Monic Films