5 ways we're trashing the Planet

Year: June 2019
Country/ City: EUROPE, Barcelona & Macao Reports,
Agency: VICE UK

Five stories of human stupidity messing up our planet. 
Extinction Update is an environmental watch that investigates some of the ways we are destroying our planet. We will see the effects of throwing condoms, sanitary towels and wet wipes down the toilet in Barcelona, to end up floating in a sea of ​​waste and bacteria on the beaches of La Barceloneta. We will also witness how illicit drugs are killing our trees, how our forests are increasingly affected by continuous fires and how air pollution is so harmful to children that it could be generating mutations in our DNA. At the end we will find some ideas to help stop ruining the planet. And if you watch the whole episode you can enjoy a wet cloth flying through space.

  • Head of Content: Santi Aguado
  • Head of Content - Europe: Milene Larsson
  • Head of Production: Mar Font
  • Production Manager Barcelona: Andrea Arias
  • Fixer Portugal: Pedro Paulo
  • Line Producer Portugal: Ricardo Figueiredo
  • DP Portugal: Alfredo de Juan
  • DP Barcelona: Jean Marc Joseph
  • Editor Barcelona & Portugal: Juan Carlos Tejerina