Marisol Films is an audiovisual production company that works throughout Spain, with bases in Barcelona and Mallorca. It was born as a result of the friendship and continuous work of several collaborators in the last years and with the aim of bringing our values ​​and signs of identity closer to Agencies and Brands. We are specialised in working with video: commercial, documentary or fiction, although we are also passionate about photography and video art.
We are defined as: Ecofriendly, Equalityfriendly, Zerowastefriendly.

We love:

Contributors & Friends

Mar Font Line Producer / Exec Producer

Mar has more than 10 years of experience in film industry. Born & raised in a Mediterranean island, she has been working for VICE Media, TV shows, commercial & artistic projects. Mar created Marisol in 2020 to keep highlighting the talent she's been come across & worked on during her career. Passionate about production work, design and creativity in every detail.

Santi Aguado Film Director

Santi is a great film director who has worked for 5 years at VICE as Supervising Producer first and as Head of Video Content after. Very skilled and versatile filmmaker who's worked in both advertising and documentaries.

Andrea Arias Producer

Andrea is an awesome and trustful Production Manager who has worked in the industry for 8 years. She has produced content such as documentaries, branded content, and commercials. Nowadays, she works as a freelancer for different productions.

Juan Carlos is an amazing journalist, filmmaker and video editor. He has worked at Vice for 5 years, where he specialized in short docs and social content. He currently works as a freelancer in all kinds of productions, but his passion is still telling stories.

Julietta Lutti Director of Photography

Julietta Lutti is an excellent Director of Photography trained at ESCAC in Barcelona and continued her studies in Advanced Digital Cinematography and Feature Film Lighting in Maine Media College. She has also been a freelance Director of Photography since 2008 working in a wide range of projects.